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The Build Market


Many projects have fallen in the past few months on the cardano blockchain,from small projects you dont even know rugged, to some that made waves ripple into our ecosystem. Lots of blood in the streets and drama were taking up the stages and timelines on twitter and so its been discouraging for alot of founders and people building, but through all of the struggle there has been projects who are beginning to shine for there hard work, many still building and coming out with new innovative platforms and utilities, i will name a few among them Galacticats- Crypto Raggies-raggie world, and there soulbound tokens Mongrels- redeemable irl action-sports wear GGMC – The Kingdom Trust The Ape Society – Levvy v2 Cyberpunk Platypus – WHMSY real estate The Working Dead- Cross-chain Learn2Earn platform Cardano Crocs Club – Cpay Cswap – NFT Dex and so many more projects i could name. I unfortunatley missed rare-evo this year but i know many people from cardano went and going to these irl events also helps build relationships and a strong network in this space. i know that were NAGMI but the ones that are here for the right reasons, good teams, consistency, hard work, and a little sweat these will be the projects on top in the bull market. it seems the Defi craze has also died down a bit and is consolidating but cardano defi is also really growing, many people are learning how to trade defi including myself. this is the first article for testing, but a real one none the less.   –Sonofabitcoin  

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