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In the green

yarn freelancer tip
GM freelancers. A tip on the hiring process in web3, before resorting to platforms like fiverr and upwork , first show up in places thatfreelancers in web 3 frequent, if your on cardano that means discords like our own at Galacticats, IOHK , Snapbrillia, Cardanotalent, and more, stick around twitter spaces for just a week or 2 and ask around. Having the patience to find the right dedicated members/ additions for your project is the most crucial, and remember always have a contract!

This was a week packed full of events between the claybourhood meetup in the UK, and the NFTLV meetup in LA many attended and even some were able to attend digitally, this was a great week for networking and having fun if you were at any of these events. every year these seem to have been getting traction and puts on a great look on projects who show up and have booths alot of people remember. We Cant wait to go next year!

Galactic Update
Galacticat traits are all now fully complete, 1/1s are being worked on currently. less then 60 yarns left in the minter! development on our minigame has begun and is looking beautiful so far hoping to release this before thanksgiving! currently the DAO is voting on our biggest proposal so far that could really effect future project utility.

The Timeline on X for the Cardano community has been mostly all NFT LV post, pictures of all the project booths, videos of demos for platforms and games, interviews/ pictures with Charles and project founders, and awesome parties. It seems this year was a huge success for the event and another great marketing opportunity aswell, congrats to everyone who made it!

Dex Hunter
Dex hunters fungible token $HUNT did incredible well this weekend, the transactions on the Dex accounted for nearly 1/3 of all transactions on cardano just a few days ago, they have added some innovative features like
cancel multiple orders in 1 tx, dex aggregation, token baskets, and more! Dexhunter has been making great partnerships/ collabs , with big names and platforms like taptools,minswap, snek, and more.

$JELLY the first (FUT)
There was a massive pump for the Jelly cubes project last week and even this week still trending on the market. And just yesterday revealing there new concept of a franctionalized utility token (FUT) $JELLY . This will reportedly give holders the best of both worlds with NFTs and FTs through there FUT value-peg mechanism you can learn more about this game changing utility in there recently released video on youtube

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