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Climbing sideways

Yarn, freelance Strategy and tips

GM freelancers. A great tip on landing a gig or a job with a project in web3 starts with building a relationship and getting to know the brand your trying to work with, dont just spam discord support or dm’s, they get that every week. Get on a twitter space or voice chat and maybe ask them questions. Get to know the team, display your knowledge on the project and the overall ecosystem. then express your interest 😼

fail storm
This week alot of the hype turned to be a let down for the flippers , between the HOT (House of Titans ) Mint not selling out overnight , to the Orcfax Presale disaster, there are still alot of projects in the backround building products and getting ready to roll things out , The working dead, ido pass DAO, Derp birds, the list goes on….

Galactic Update
Galacticats are approaching the end to our alpha pass collection mint, we sit at around 80% minted, with so much things on the roadmap coming up and the upcoming mint we have been hard at work finalizing the art for our main collection and getting yarn. Solutions ready for beta-testing, we have been developing much more behind the scenes, galactic Dao, store, blog, lore, staking? bounties?, pool?

Free Mints
The free mint meta is back? This week we had 2 free mints in cardano, one being token riot NFT with there faction id mint, they nearly did 100k volume in 24hrs wich is good for a free mint, aswell as crypto raggies moggie mint! Moggies are powerful characters playable in there game

Largest Rug
A report from Xerberus,(The Ardana Report) highlights how Ardana raised 9.08 mil dollars mostly on Ethereum, and basically lost 4 mil trading high risk coins, they then decided to liquidate over there treasury on cardano, extracting around 6 million usd from the Cardano ecosystem

Discord hyperlink hack
Discord has released the ability for users to hide links within text, this could be dangerous for many communities using discord! @SecurityBotNFT prevents this and is protecting ppl from this feature

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