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Chugging along

Its been another eventful week in the cardano ecosystem,the Rare-Evo event was a big success and cardano made its prescence well known there this year,A couple developers from Aiken (Cardano smart contract language toolchain) in a coding workshop at the event actually created a proof-of-work protocol mining fortuna ($TUNA), since the start mining difficulty has been increasing and the price of $TUNA has also been steadily increasing.The great thing about this is you can mine $TUNA right from your local computer or laptop even, its very easy to setup.In addition Catalyst Voting has finally begun and there are many great projects and builders out discussing there proposals and ideas, from projects who were funded last round with good products already to new people and new proposals. its been a great week for catalyst discussion. Beyond the technical news CNFT Toolheads recent mint was a success and they ran up over 1 million ada volume in just 24 hrs!Is this good for the CNFT Market? I guess time will tell, CNFT Toolheads were not the only nft collection to mintout, right behind them minted Bigfoot Cnfts from CNFT Radar along with wavy ape vibe empire with some amazing pfp art.Every week in the bear we usually have some projects struggle or fall, this week an OG Project Degen Crypto Club announced they cant pay the devs to finish there anticipated degen dice game, funds have been depleted overtime through development cost and server fees and they are looking for a potential buyer. These things happen from time to time in our space unfortunately, but i love to also highlight projects that are OG that are delivering new Innovative products in the build market when the climate is tough, one of those projects is the working dead. TWD will be releasing there cross-chain learn2Earn platform this month in September, where instructors can create courses and people can pay in there token to take them, there token is on cardano and ETH along with there NFT collections. This is the type of platforms we need on cardano imo, with so much FUD around Emurgo’s course they recently announce for over $1000 usd,lets see what we can do as a community and how we value these courses and if this type of a platform can sustain itself and help others. We also have levvy v2 from the Ape Society along with there Cardano Wallet they are looking to get funded for, we have our own platform and we have crypto raggies with raggie world, and the list goes on! as you can see this week has been busy. stay tuned for next weeks rundown.

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