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In the green

yarn freelancer tip GM freelancers. A tip on the hiring process in web3, before resorting to platforms like fiverr and upwork , first show up in places thatfreelancers in web 3 frequent, if your on… Read More »In the green

Anticipation Week

yarn freelancer tip GM freelancers. A tip on getting the most frequently asked for and the hardest to find role , a Moderator. Become an og in the discord , be there early, learn everything… Read More »Anticipation Week

A bloody week

Yarn freelance tip GM freelancers. Another few tips on staying relevant as a freelancer in web3, the first being to utilize all the tools at your disposal, that means any freelance marketplaces, X, discord, and… Read More »A bloody week

Climbing sideways

Yarn, freelance Strategy and tips GM freelancers. A great tip on landing a gig or a job with a project in web3 starts with building a relationship and getting to know the brand your trying… Read More »Climbing sideways

Chugging along

Its been another eventful week in the cardano ecosystem,the Rare-Evo event was a big success and cardano made its prescence well known there this year,A couple developers from Aiken (Cardano smart contract language toolchain) in… Read More »Chugging along

The Build Market

Out first blog highlighting someof the builders in the space and a galactic update