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About Us



Im a full-stack web developer and a longtime enthusiast in the Web3 space for the past 2-3 years. One of my biggest struggles when getting started early on was not having easy access to a network of talented individuals or service providers within the blockchain/crypto space. I wanted to change that for others entering the space or for those already present, wanting to create or innovate new ideas. This is how Galacticats was born.



Another full-stack developer skilled in the MERN stack, Aedan is a jack of all trades, with community management as his specialty. You can always find Aedan in our Discord or on stage during our weekly spaces!



Miggy is a longtime member of the Cardano community and a well known figure in the space. Miggy’s specialty lies with social media marketing and advisory, you can find miggy not just at any of our spaces, but all throughout cardano.


Atlas Media

Atlas Social Media is responsible for the art in both our Alpha Pass collection and Main collection. Atlas has a growing reputation on the Cardano blockchain, collaborating with some of the best projects in the space.

Our partners

Wild Tangz

We are partnering with Wild Tangz for our NFT mints and further blockchain developments.

Pixel Cab Games

We are partnering with Pixel Cab Games on the development of our game Starweavers