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Anticipation Week

yarn freelancer tip
GM freelancers. A tip on getting the most frequently asked for and the hardest to find role , a Moderator. Become an og in the discord , be there early, learn everything you can about said project and be as helpful as you can to newcomers in the discord, other team members will pickup on this. Dont spam there support tickets or DM’s, thats rule number 1. Community members usually get hired first over outsiders . Become a member first!

This week was Catslyst week, since the results from fund 10 are in we can see all the teams who were funded in this round. Like every round there is alot of unhappy campers. We know catalyst can be very competitive, and even centralized through being controlled by big wallets. It has never been perfect downvoting has been a frustrating feature this year to some, but what’s important is that i think we are making progress.

Galactic Update
We are back this week after figuring out the issue with voting we have decided to collab with bad fox MC with there bad key tool and utilize our dao voting through that. We currently have our second proposal running wich holderscan vote on now! We are also around 90% minted and preparing / generating the galacticats collection

Derp Birds
Derp birds is an OG project w/ multiple collections out and tons of stuff going on , from gamified staking, there rebirth (art upgrade) , irl events/goods, engage2earn mechanics, raffles and so much more, with there latest gold rush outpost announcement in collaboration with goophy gophers and there latest acquisition of baijuki studios They are this weeks highlight

JPG Studio/ $JPG Token

The long awaited claim on $JPG token went live this morning, for residents outside of the U.S and Canada, theres alot of scrambling around for degens this morning to trade $JPG. JPG store has also just released JPG Studio to the public for free to download! Anyone can now use there software to generate an nft collection and mint directly on with zero fees.. These downloads are available through windows, and Mac.

Jobs Market

We have seen a recent uptick in the jobs market over the past 2 weeks on cardano in multiple areas nft projects, realfi, defi, iog hiring devs to work on Midnight, Mlabs hiring,, the list goes on. If you are a freelancer on cardano check Galacticats discord for more opportunities

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