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Connect, Empower, Create


Galacticats vision is to empower and connect individuals, fostering creation, and onboarding them into the space through NFTs, branding, and building platforms that sustain our brand while also providing value to the entire ecosystem.


We are developing solutions that will better streamline opportunities in Web3 for individuals, projects, and brands, starting with our remote freelance marketplace, Eventually, we plan to expand our services beyond just the jobs market into areas such as education, content creation, and anything that can help onboard, connect, and empower others.


We have a vast network of freelancers available for gigs, ranging from moderators, artists, marketers, advisors, to developers, always present in our community. If you are a new project looking for services or talent, please reach out and join our community of freelancers.

Alpha passes

Galactic Yarn.

Our Galactic Yarn is an early alpha pass collection. Holding this NFT comes with a wide range of benefits, including a free Galacticat NFT airdrop from our main PFP collection, lifetime whitelist status, double voting power, increased staking rewards, and much more.


Roadmap Q3-Q4

Launch Website

Launch and socials. Twitter, Discord, and more.

Platform Landing page

, The release of our landing page should give an idea of what features we intend to include in our platform , the goal of our landing page will eventually be to use it for traffic for our platform with google ads as-well as allowing individuals to apply to test our beta version.

Alpha pass mint

The Galactic Yarn collection is the ultimate key into our ecosystem,

Galactic DAO

The Galactic Dao Is powerd by Badlabs, This Dao voting mechanism is setup so that the holders of our NFTs have voting power in some of the proposals and decisions we make with the Galacticats NFT project.


We will begin the beta testing phase allowing holders and small group of applicants to create profiles and test the platform

Mint Galacticats

Release 4444 Galacticat NFT onto the Cardano blockchain. Airdropping 444 cats to yarn holders and minting 4000

Release job platform

Launch our V1 of our job portal

Phase 2

Expanding our Vison through following the platform roadmap, collaboration, building innovative applications and solutions, we will update the new roadmap after Q4

Job portal

Checkout what we have in development currently and what we have planned in our roadmap. Apply to test the beta on our landing page.

4444 Galacticats

Sold out!!!